April 2017: Sarah Brown

Our Alumni Spotlight for the month of April goes to the fabulous Sarah Brown (Class of 2016)!

"Hi, I am Sarah Brown, Class of 2016 and one of the two current Alumni Advisers for the Zeta Zeta chapter. I joined PSE because my friends, Colleen Dean and Jill Troiano, and I were looking to get involved within the business school. Phil Nichilo told Colleen to join and Colleen got us to join, long story short, we all joined because Emmett Slobodzian talked to us at the first interest session.
PSE taught me valuable professional and personal skills and gave me the confidence to compete in nerve-wracking sales competitions even though I am not always the most articulate person. This new found confidence followed me in all aspects of my professional and personal life, I could now walk up to a recruiter and start a conversation. (That may not sound like a big deal, but to some of us it is!) Not only did PSE provide me with a ton of opportunities and lessons, but it also gave me some of my best friends. Zeta Zeta has given me so much, which is why I asked to be one of the Alumni Advisers so that I could try and give back even a fraction of what I got out of the organization.
Although I learned very valuable sales skills in my time in PSE, I did not go into a sales career (sorry Dr. Pelham!), I am currently a Financial Analyst for Online Outlet Sales at Coach, Inc. in Hudson Yards.
My advice to current PSE members is to go to everything! Get involved in as much as your schedule allows, I promise you won't regret it. Worst case scenario: you leave your dorm for an hour and get some exercise walking to the business building. Best (and more likely) scenario: You meet some of the greatest people this world has to offer and get a job/internship. 
As always, never hesitate to reach out!"

Thanks so much for sharing with us Sarah, we miss you and had a great time seeing you at the alumni reunion. Hope to see you again soon!