March 2017: Kyle Smith

Our Alumni Spotlight for the month of March goes to the one and only Kyle Smith (Class of 2015)!

"Hi PSE, 
My name is Kyle Smith and I am your biggest fan. I became a member of the Zeta Zeta chapter within the first week of my first semester as a transfer student at TCNJ and I really embraced the notion that you get out of PSE what you put into it. I gave PSE my all and it gave me so much more than I expected in return. 
I was asked to share with you what PSE means to me and I can't possibly answer that question without writing a novel for you. PSE gave me confidence, charisma, joy, best friends, sales skills, community, ambition, and every other word with a positive connotation. I don't shy away from telling people that I'm the best version of myself when I'm actively involved with this group of friends and future leaders. My evidence is the PSE superlative I was given at our 2015 Banquet: "Most Likely To Never Leave." 
It really is too bad I can't make a million dollars being in PSE my whole life, otherwise I would. Therefore, I have a career elsewhere (which I wouldn't have obtained without PSE). I currently work as a Financial Representative for International Planning Alliance, LLC. We are a general agency in The Guardian Network. With the support of a great team around me I'm building a holistic financial planning practice dedicated to serving my community. I specialize in working with Professional Engineers and their firms. Ask me for my elevator pitch - its awesome. 
Now for my advice to all of you... Are you ready?? 
GET INVOLVED and do it NOW! 
1. Even if you don't like sales, or you're a finance/accounting/non-business major - do competitions so you can learn to sell yourself. 
2. Even if you're antisocial like I was - go to social gatherings and give rides so you can meet more people. 
3. Even if you don't get elected - Become a leader by bringing new ideas and passion projects to the group. 
4. Even if you don't think we care - reach out to alumni for internships, jobs, advice, guidance, questions, donations, project ideas, support, ANYTHING. You will be surprised what you get in return. 
5. And the most important advice I can give you... come to my professional development events."

We miss you Kyle, and always look forward to seeing you at PSE events!

Kyle Smith