2016 Alumni Reunion

          TCNJ Pi Sigma Epsilon alumni gathered with current Pi Sigma Epsilon members Saturday, February 6th at the Salt Creek Grille in Princeton for the second annual PSE reunion since its founding in the 2007-2008 academic year. Alumni arrived from far and wide, creating a personal atmosphere while demonstrating the dedication and value of Pi Sigma Epsilon’s alumni. The event allows for an exchange of ideas from those who wore the Zeta Zeta letters just a few years prior as well as an update for alumni of their impact on the organization.

          Former President Kelly Cosentino spoke of PSE as much more than a business fraternity: “This is the family that you will always come back to, as soon as you join it sucks you in.” Not only does the event get current members to reconnect with alumni, it also continues to reinforce a strong network of dedicated, highly motivated individuals. One of these uniquely determined people is freshman Kaitlyn Galgano. Not only has she made a splash in the organization so quickly, she feels she gets the same back: “PSE immediately impacted my life as soon as I joined. I’ve managed to put myself ahead of everyone else in my age and I owe it all to this organization.” There’s nothing that brings people together quite like good food, engaging conversation and the smell of business in the air.

          Alumni relations within Pi Sigma Epsilon is part of what makes this organization so diverse and so vital to those involved. Not only does this network continue on past graduation, experiences within Pi Sigma Epsilon are the easiest to discuss in an interview. Continued thanks to the efforts of alumni Matt Nugent for setting up the event, as the event brings back old memories while creating new ones in the same moment. Matt Nugent truly put the benefits of this organization into words, “PSE’s slogan is “Your Business Advantage for Life” and these 45 students and alumni coming together here and just learning about each other fosters that long-term value for that Business Advantage for Life and that comes from TCNJ.” To go along with this, alumni Jenny Green had similar feelings on the matter: “Three years out and still using PSE as my Business Advantage for Life!” An event like this demonstrates that the benefits of being a part of Pi Sigma Epsilon extend past throwing a graduation cap in the air and further into whatever path we choose.